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Chicago, IL

It’s all pretty simple. After living a dual life working in the fitness and restaurant industries for years, we started Harvest Juicery because we wanted to create a product that’s not only detoxifying and great for your health, but tastes damn good, too.

At Harvest Juicery, all of the fruits and vegetables that go into our juice are organic or locally sourced. We incorporate fresh herbs and spices in each and every bottle that will awaken your taste buds while nourishing your body with healthy juice.

Because we deliver our uniquely-crafted juices in 16oz glass bottles, we are quickly turning into 21st century milkman that really does your body good. So it’s easy to make Harvest Juicery a convenient part of your daily lifestyle. Since our juices are unpasteurized, it’s best to enjoy them within 72 hours of delivery to ensure the highest quality, health benefits, and taste. 



We started off as a delivery company only and now with our storefront we are thrilled to offer this continued service!



How to order: Simply call us at the shop, #312-265-0182, and we'll take care of everything for you.

Is there a minimum?: Yes, 2 bottle minimum per order.

What does it cost?: Deliveries start at $10-$12.

Where do you deliver to?: Throughout the city and the suburbs. The delivery price will go up depending on location.

What if I need 40 bottles of Beet Juice stat?: Please keep in mind, that all of our cold pressed juices are made fresh daily and have a short shelf life. There may be a time that we do not have exactly what you need for same day deliveries. Don't panic, we will always have options just in case :)